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Luxury Temperature Regulating Throw Dog Blanket

Sale price£69.00
Our dogs have very different temperature requirements to humans and need our help to regulate their temperature. Not just for their safety, but also for their general comfort and wellbeing as they share our homes with us. 

This can be difficult to get right, but the benefits are huge. 

For example, being "just right" promotes good quality sleep, and dogs wake up feeling refreshed, calm and rested - often with considerable behavioural benefits. 

Our Luxury Temperature Regulating Throw Dog Blanket will soon become a home-within-home for your pooch. Whether you throw it on the dog bed or sofa, it's a  place of safety, warmth, or cool, depending on your dog's needs in the moment.

The design and quality of materials used instantly sets it apart from 'other' blankets. Visually, it's a stylish throw for floor or sofa but beneath its cuddly layers, provides a favourite place of rest and comfort for your cherished friend and the ultimate peace of mind for pet parents.

Key Features

  • Ensures a comfortable temperature all year round when your dog is sleeping or resting
  • Buffers against temperature fluctuations and allows your dog to adjust their current temperature needs
  • An essential addition to your existing dog bed and can also be used on your sofa, rug or wherever your dog decides to sleep
  • Beautiful and stylish machine washable accessory that blends into your home
  • Snuggly fleece fabric on one side for the winter and soft cool water-resistant polyester on the other side for summer
  • Recommended by vets and ideal for all dog breeds and sizes
  • Anti-anxiety and calming
  • Hypoallergenic and dog-friendly 
  • One Year Guarantee
Size Guide

Regular: L 93cm x W 100cm. Ideal for small to medium dogs.
Large: L 138cm x W 100cm. Ideal for medium to large dogs. 

Product care

Dry brush any surface dirt and use a damp cloth to wipe away any remaining stains. The use of a 3rd party fabric cleaner is done so at your own risk. Wash on a planet-friendly setting at no more than 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Hang dry. Keep away from fire. 

Luxury Temperature Regulating Throw Dog Blanket
Luxury Temperature Regulating Throw Dog Blanket Sale price£69.00