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Eco Friendly Calming Donut Dog Bed, Grey

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Your dogs' comfort is as important to us as it is to you. Baker & Bray’s eco calming donut dog bed was designed to mimic the warmth of a mother's fur coat. Our raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the soft recycled filling offers joint support and muscle relief. Ideal for dogs (and cats) of all ages and size.
  • Uniquely filled with recycled fillers for added comfort and sustainability.
  • Anti-skid bottom for increased comfort and pet security.
  • Available in 3 sizes; 60cm, 80cm and 100cm
  • 20cm raised rim has enough support and height give your pet the ideal sense of comfort & security
  • Quality materials; Our do-nut dog bed is uniquely made of durable nylon and luxurious faux fur combining quality recycled/sustainable filler to make this bed luxurious, comfortable, hygienic and breathable but with an added eco-friendly element.
  • Designed with the ideal padding and support to aid healthy sleep, support joints and minimise odours and bacteria.
  • 60cm diameter calming dog bed for cats, small dogs or puppies up to 15kg
  • 80cm diameter donut bed for medium dogs up to 24kg
  • 100cm diameter for pets up to 35kg
  • 100% safe, super soft and self-warming, please choose a superior Baker & Bray Luxury Eco Calming Bed for your pets.

Easy Care: This Baker & Bray do-nut calming bed is machine washable and tumble dryer friendly (low heat only). Our premium design has no zippers or removable covers. Simply throw the entire bed into your machine.  For convenience, our calming bed is vacuum packed upon arrival. Upon receipt open and place black anti-skid side down. Fluff the bed as pictures. The bed can be used immediately but allow 24-48 hours for the true shape to be fully restored.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sian McKay
Super donut bed

I bought the medium size ones for my Border terriers and really they are too big and I should have done what the sizing chart said🙄 But that aside the dogs absolutely LOVE them

Nice but not perfect

These beds are lovely and our dog seems to like them at the moment, more than the other beds on here. Ordered another large size as when she stretches out the medium was a bit on the small side. She sleeps curled and flat out. The downside is that almost immediately the bed is flat and not with sides. Despite fluffy it up and trying to prop up one side against a wall it just goes flat. It’s as though the sides need pulling together more. She still likes it but it’s only good on carpet as there could almost be a gap all around the bottom where the sides join with no filling! Base is very fluffy and bouncy! It’s more like a flat pillow bed really but still nice!

Barbara Garside
Excellent bed

We have recently taken on a rescue lurcher that has had many owners in his 9 years of life. He was very unsettled but the new donut bed has made a lot of difference to him. Home for good now


Unfortunately my elderly dog isn’t very keen on the bed. It’s not as thick and cushioned as I’d imagined, especially the sides. It’s quite flat.
Not sure how Eco friendly it is. Made in China and wrapped in a lot of plastic.
It arrived very quickly, so good service on that front.

Gift buyer
Great value

Dogs love the beds - the eco calming donut is comfy and cozy and great value for money.