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Article: The Importance of Temperature Regulation in Dogs

The Importance of Temperature Regulation in Dogs

The Importance of Temperature Regulation in Dogs

A dog's microclimate is different to ours- they have a higher basal body temperature than humans do (about 102F/39C compared to 98.6F/37C for humans). 

This is why in cold weather, your dog would probably prefer you turn the thermostat a bit higher 🌡️

You'll often see dogs trying to get close to heat sources- which can be dangerous in the case of open fires. Dogs try to maintain that higher temperature.

However, falling asleep near a heat source can quickly over-heat a dog and lead to heat-stroke- like when a dog is left in a car. 

In summer, the dog's internal temperature is already higher than ours- so those extra degrees can quickly lead to discomfort. 

Heatstroke is an extreme, but it's one of the most common illnesses in dogs, even in Winter.

After playing in the snow, a dog called Charlie from Milton Keynes suffered heatstroke after entering a warm home. Things were worse since he was a flat-nosed breed. As he panted his temperature continued to go up and hyperthermia set in. 

Your Thermoluxe blanket can help avoid these extreme situations- for example, he won't need to get so close to heat sources. It compensates for the temperature difference between what we set and what our dog wants in winter.

This also means you can turn down the thermostat overnight. 

And in the Summer, it avoids the need for extremes like wet towels. 


You can learn more, and purchase your own Thermoluxe Blanket here

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