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Temperature Regulating Dog Throw Blanket

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Our dogs have very different temperature requirements to humans and need our help to regulate their temperature. Not just for their safety, but also for their general comfort and wellbeing as they share our homes with us. 

This can be difficult to get right, but the benefits are huge. 

For example, being "just right" promotes good quality sleep, and dogs wake up feeling refreshed, calm and rested - often with considerable behavioural benefits. 

On the safety aspect, we've all heard the stories of dogs overheating in people's homes. Not just in summer, but when we're heating our homes in winter, too. Without realising, the environment can quickly become sub-optimal.

We decided to do something to make every human-home just as comfortable for our companions who share it with us. And to make it super-easy in the process.

Our Thermoluxe Throw Blanket is a world's first. It's a temperature-regulating blanket that will become a home-within-home for your pooch. Whether you throw it on the dog bed or sofa, it's a  place of safety, warmth, or cool, depending on the dog's own microclimate at that moment.

It's almost as if they can sort themselves out - since the blanket will do the job of temperature regulation. No more worrying about arranging blankets, or fretting about leaving the heating on overnight in winter. 

Although the design and quality of materials instantly sets it apart from 'normal' blankets, no one would imagine that NASA-created technology exists beneath its cuddly layers, providing ultimate peace of mind. 

Two homes collide with the Thermoluxe Throw Blanket- a stylish throw for floor or sofa, and a favourite place of rest and comfort for our cherished friend providing peace of mind for pet-parents.

Key Features

  • The world’s first temperature regulating throw blanket for dogs created using patented Outlast® technology
  • Unique thermo-technology continuously absorbs excess body heat when your dog is too hot and releases the stored heat when your dog is cold
  • Ensures a comfortable temperature all year round when your dog is sleeping or resting
  • Buffers against temperature fluctuations and adjusts to each individual dog’s microclimate
  • An essential addition to your existing dog bed and can also be used on your sofa, rug or wherever your dog decides to sleep
  • Beautiful and stylish machine washable accessory that blends into your home
  • Snuggly fleece fabric on one side for the winter and soft cool water-resistant polyester on the other side for summer
  • Recommended by vets and ideal for all dog breeds and sizes
  • Anti-anxiety and calming
  • Hypoallergenic and dog-friendly 
  • One Year Guarantee

Regular: L 93cm x W 100cm. Ideal for small to medium dogs.
Large: L 138cm x W 100cm. Ideal for medium to large dogs. 

Dry brush any surface dirt and use a damp cloth to wipe away any remaining stains. The use of a 3rd party fabric cleaner is done so at your own risk. Wash on a planet-friendly setting at no more than 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Hang dry. Keep away from fire. 

Enjoy a One Year Guarantee on your Thermoluxe blanket. 

Baker & Bray offers a 30 day returns policy if you change your mind and would like a refund. 

A product which is defective under our warranty policy can be returned for a replacement item provided that the item is still within warranty. More information about this can be found on our quality guarantee page. 

If you would like to return your item, please contact

We will then send instructions within 24 hours. 

You can read our full refund policy here.

Your Baker & Bray throw will be dispatched promptly within 24 hours of being placed on weekdays. Most orders placed before 2pm on weekdays ship on the same day. 

Throws are shipped with Royal Mail (tracked) and usually arrive within 48 hours.

Your throw is covered by our Baker & Bray Quality Guarantee. 

We warrant this product to be free from any manufacturing defect for a period of one year. You can find out more about our guarantee and terms on our guarantee page.

The perfect dog blanket

Considering how important temperature regulation is for dogs' wellbeing and comfort, we were surprised how inadequate beds and blankets were.

So we set about creating a world's first...

A world's first

NASA Meets Dog Blanket

This is the world’s first temperature-regulating throw blanket for dogs created using patented Outlast® technology, developed with NASA.

Made-in-Germany advanced temperature regulation meets British design.

Proven in over 300 applications, including mattress technology for better sleep, medical-use cases, & advanced outdoor clothing, NASA technology has now been used to increase wellbeing for dogs.  

How does it work? 

"Not too hot, not too cold. Just right."

None of the downsides of a 'reflective blanket'. Thanks to the clever patented Outlast® Thermocules® - wax microcapsules in the filling material- the blanket is able to adjust to the dog's own microclimate. Simply put, if they're too warm, it absorbs heat like a sponge, and stores it. This is then passed on to the body and raises body temperature again if the temperature should drop. 

" Seems that the NASA technology really works, we honestly thought it was a gimmick initially."

It's the same technology used in premium 'people bedding' which draws and releases body heat to reduce temperature fluctuations through the night. 

This is streets ahead of 'reflective' blankets which merely reflect heat back. Instead, your Thermoluxe Blanket doesn't keep getting hotter and hotter, or cooler and cooler. It adjusts to create the perfect microclimate without any temperature spikes or shocks. 

What's 'microclimate'?

Why regulate heat?

A dog's microclimate is different to ours- they have a higher basal body temperature than humans do (about 102F/39C compared to 98.6F/37C for humans). 

This is why in cold weather, your dog would probably prefer you turn the thermostat a bit higher 🌡️

You'll often see dogs trying to get close to heat sources- which can be dangerous in the case of open fires. Dogs try to maintain that higher temperature.

Obviously, falling asleep near a heat source can lead to heat-stroke- just like when a dog is left in a car. 

In summer, the dog's internal temperature is already higher - so those extra degrees can quickly lead to discomfort. 

Heatstroke is an extreme, but it's one of the most common illnesses in dogs, even in Winter.

Your Thermoluxe blanket can help - it compensates for the temperature difference between what we set and what our dog wants in winter.

This also means you can turn down the thermostat overnight. 

And in the Summer, it avoids the need for extremes like wet towels. 

Learn more in our article here

There's no down🪶...but don't frown 🤨

Down feathers lose their insulating properties when they are exposed to moisture and tend to promote the development of fungi and bacteria. 

Our advanced materials are an environmentally friendly alternative to down. Instead we use Outlast® technology to deliver superior heating/cooling performance. 

The blanket delivers a more efficient weight to warmth ratio and is extremely compact when folded making it a breeze to travel with. Plus, it's easy to machine wash.

snuggle in winter. cool off in summer


"During testing, we found that he naturally went to the blanket after he'd experienced it for a short time.

There's plenty of advantages to this, including promoting a designated rest area, as well as it being obvious that he simply prefers snuggling down to rest on the Thermoluxe.

It was eye-opening to see that perhaps he hadn't been as comfortable before as we'd thought."

Blankets are often overlooked or skimped on, but they are a source of great comfort to dogs.

Dogs have a base instinct to nest, and blankets enable this. 
So we wanted to create 'the perfect blanket'. 

In all our test cases, we found that the blanket quickly became routine. This makes it easier for your dog to cope with temperature variations with changing seasons.

"How do I know if my dog is cold at night?" is a frequently asked question on Google. With Thermoluxe, you can have peace of mind that they are just right. 

The blanket also provides arthritis benefits, especially in Winter, since Outlast® technology is used in medical applications to aid comfort and promote faster healing. 

Better Sleep = Better Dog.  

Great blanket = great sleep.

When it comes to sleep, the benefits to dogs are the same as our own. And temperature control is one of the most important factors in whether we sleep well or not. 

"She woke up with a spring in her step."

Baker & Bray exists to promote better sleep in dogs. Lack of sleep creates 'low mood' in dogs, meaning less movement and possible weight-gain. Good sleep makes a dog more 'chirpy' and engaged, which is especially useful for behaviour and training. 

Consistent good sleep also strengthens the immune system and lowers stress levels. 

Notes from happy pet pawrents

"I was actually looking for a better cover for our new sofa and was recommended to look at this. Visually it looks great and the grey colour doesn't show up a lot of hair. But the best thing is my dog is so settled on it. Usually I'd find blankets and hair everywhere by the morning. This just stays on the sofa and so does the dog. During the day I move the blanket, and he moves with it!" - Jen H

"Bought for my 16 yr old arthritic cat. As soon as she figured out that it warmed up, she was hooked." -Maddie

"Going from the cat's point of view he seems to love this blanket and spends hours soundly asleep on it. He lies down and rubs his fur against it purring. A good sign! We're going to buy another for the bed!" -Kay

"I’m very happy with my purchase. It’s definitely way better than normal non-heating non-cooling blankets. And for my pups that still have accidents it's ideal being waterproof. And it comes out nice after washing." Thomas N

"I bought two of these in the end for a pair of pups who sleep a lot but are always curled up trying to preserve warmth. They adore it. They snuggle on the couch using the armrest as a bolster and sleep much more soundly." - Neil B

"Unlike cooling mats we've used in the past we had no trouble getting Toby the Collie to lie down on this. Within a couple of mins he was lying down on it and practically lived on it this past summer." - Richard F

"Ours is a 11 year old pit with arthritis. It's good to know that he gets the right amount of heat and is sleeping more comfortably than ever." - Helen P

"Our always-shedding Lab is rarely off his blanket whenever he wants to rest. It has had VERY heavy use since we got it about 2 weeks go, and it has just washed beautifully." - Nick R


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